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The Recruitment Agency With a Mature Outlook

We Listen, We Understand, We Deliver

Welcome to Forties People

The agency that also appreciates mature and older workers

If you are looking for a balanced team and experienced and skilled staff, we can help.  

Forties People have been recruiting in London and the South East since 1992.

Forties People - The recruitment agency where we appreciate mature and older workers for their experience, reliability and wisdom

How we find your staff

We use traditional consulting skills to identify your job requirements and then build a recruitment plan with agreed timelines according to you needs.

We use our UK wide resources to attract talented candidates to apply for your job wherever the job is in the UK. Or we proactively call potential candidates who have not applied.

Then we longlist, shortlist and then confirm their motivation and career circumstances to valid their relevance to your job.

There are many reasons why candidates initially accept jobs and then change their minds later on in the process. That's why we challenge each candidate for their motivation and probe any potential reasons for them not starting in the role.

Creating, building and maintaining relationships is a key part of successful recruitment. That's why our clients return to us for an excellent recruitment service.

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Engaging an experienced and qualified recruitment agency like Forties People as an extension of your company is how we prefer to work.

There's nothing like creating a great first impression and we all know how important it is to be competitive as an employer to of choice when there is so much choice for candidates.


Forties People is a a one stop shop for all your staffing needs. Our experienced consultants have been there, done it and have many tee-shirts to prove it. They have adapted their style to suit the full range of todays demanding candidates, ensuring we provide suitable candidates and we save you time by not sending you unsuitable candidates.


Here at Forties People, we have worked with clients ranging from SMEs and PLCs to large organisations and charities. Our experience has included filling both temporary and permanent roles, so whatever your industry and no matter what you're looking for in your next candidate, we'll be able to help.


To find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. A friendly and professional consultant will be able to discuss your requirements with you in detail and provide advice on how to get started.


We recruit Temporary workers

We recruit Permanent staff

We recruit contract staff

All workers, all functions

All of the UK

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