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Forties People

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Our Story

Forties People was founded by Jacqy Jacobs, a determined worker aged 50 who, like many older job seekers, faced challenges finding employment. Drawing from her experience in assisting older workers at a high street agency, Jacqy embarked on a journey to succeed where her previous employer had faltered. In 1992, armed with an Amstrad computer and a small office, she began recruiting, even covering bookings herself, including her son Spencer's request for a temp worker. Within 18 months, the agency had placed over 100 people in jobs and moved to larger offices, marking the start of a legacy in age-inclusive recruitment.

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Our Mission

Forties People, initially founded to support mature workers, has evolved into a diverse hub for individuals of all ages with the right experience. Our unwavering philosophy is centered on the belief that "It's your skills that matter, not your age." Jacqy's dedication led to her winning the "Age Diversity" award in 2001 and the company's pivotal role in shaping the Age Diversity laws of 2006.


Today, firmly grounded in these laws, we focus on delivering sought-after expertise, including cutting-edge technology skills, to businesses. In 2014, the company and its assets joined Peter Knight Recruitment Ltd, aligning seamlessly with the group's appreciation for mature and experienced candidates across various roles. We remain committed to our philosophy while emphasizing the importance of cultural fit for long-term success.

Terms of Business

As part of the Peter Knight Group, Forties People offers a range of services which are tailored to your business. We look for long term relationships which develop over a period of time rather than quick, one off transactions.


Our business offering consists of individual services based around Recruitment, Human Resources Consultancy and all things people related.


Each service is a specialist area in itself but when they are integrated, clients can really gain the benefit of synergy where we can provide one service and heavily discount others which provides real value for money in comparison to our competitors.


Also, because we have a greater knowledge of your company challenges, we can often provide solutions based on best practice and the learning’s from working with other clients.


In our experience, clients will use one of our services and then ask us to work in other areas and in more and more cases, our clients prefer to work with Forties People as a sole provider. However we understand the high level of trust that clients place in us and will never knowingly let anyone down, whether they are candidates or clients.


We aim for best in class services that demonstrate quality, value for money and that add value to your business.


If you decide to work with us, our aim would be for you to consider us as an extension to your business; another department where you can reply on work being delivered to the quality and to the standards that you expect from any internal department.

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